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Coach Dan is a great / avid practitioner of Muay Thai. I have trained with him in the past, and will more than likely continue training with him in the future.
Dan doesn't carry that "tough guy" mentality that a lot of coaches seem to have, which is really cool.
The greatest thing is that he takes time to answer any questions I've had regarding Muay Thai, outside of sessions. That is something which should be emphasized in any customer service scenario. Communication.
Dan is pretty flexible with his scheduling, I've met with him on weekends, due to my work schedule on weekdays. Let's be real here, who really enjoys working on weekends? I know I don't.
Kru Dan also has quite a bit of experience under his belt, training Muay Thai for about 15 years. He travels to and from Thailand as well.
Overall, if you're interested in learning a striking art, getting some cardio in, or just looking to try something new, yeah definitely train with this guy right here!

-Josiah D


Before this vacation trip I hadn't  even heard of Muay Thai Boran (Ancient Muay Thai) before. Thank to Kru Dan (kru = teacher). Growing up I never trained in any kind of contact sports before. A couple years ago I started to train Muay Thai and I really enjoy it very much.

After I went to observe his class I decided to give it a try because it's something that I'd never seen before. The movement, the technique is different but yet similar and it's very intriguing. And the way Kru Dan broke  down the technique and explain to me and makes it simple enough for me to understand was great. He told me the back stories of all the technique and the movement was awesome. I've learned so much in a very short period of time.

I'm very thankful to Kru Dan that he helps me to understand and remember my own culture and tradition that I didn't know before or I forgot. I will try my best to remember and practice all the techniques and movement he taught me so I won't let this form of martial art disappears.

-Chew L


When I was 13, I saw Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior and I was mesmerized by the movements and stunts performed by Tony Jaa. I've always wanted to learn this specific ancient style, but there was no one on the island that taught this. Eight years later, I saw on Facebook that Kru Dan Kaetsu was holding classes for Muay Boran, so I had saved up as much money as I could to do a crash course on the art. I have taken on a duty to spread this beautiful art to Oregon where I currently live.

Kru Dan is a great instructor and is very knowledgable in the ancient style of Thai combat. He is very thorough when discussing techniques and drills. It is very rare to find someone who can teach this style in Hawaii with a welcoming approach to learning. You want to take your striking game and self-defense arsenal to the next level, then take this course!

-Kaiwi A


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